Regulator Sustainability Fund

As the current owners of the Regulator are getting ready to retire, a new chapter in the bookshop’s story is about to begin. Two employees, Elliot and Wander, have purchased the shop and are preparing it for this new adventure. For forty years, the Regulator has served as Ninth Street’s community gathering place, and we’ve set up this Sustainability Fund to preserve and improve the shop’s place in the community. We hope you’ll join us in writing the next chapter for the Regulator Bookshop.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your tremendous generosity. Your support has helped ensure the health and vitality of the Regulator for years to come. We were totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the community. We’ve always believed that the Regulator was a very special place, and it was fantastic to see how many of you agreed! Our Indiegogo campaign raised over fifty thousand dollars through your support! We’ve heard back from many of you asking if there was still a way to donate to the store going forward. If you’d still like to donate or missed donating the first time, we’ve set up this website to allow you to join in even if you missed the campaign.

We want to celebrate Tom Campbell and John Valentine’s incredible forty-year run creating such an amazing community bookshop. We will be announcing shortly the date and time for a celebration evening at the Regulator Bookshop to share stories, drink, laugh, and thank Tom and John for all that they’ve done.

Wander and Elliot.

Last December the Regulator Bookshop and the Durham community celebrated the Regulator’s 40th anniversary. Forty years during which the Regulator Bookshop has become an anchor of Ninth Street and an iconic part of Durham.

Over the decades great literature, local culture and a diversity of views & opinions have been celebrated with readings & discussions at the Regulator. We have hosted readings by Al Gore, Martin Amis, Mike Krzyzewksi, Dean Smith, Vivian Howard, Margaret Maron, and Colson Whitehead just to name a few of more than a thousand amazing writers and opinion makers.

Founders Tom Campbell and John Valentine have built a wonderful bookshop, one of national renown and a strong foundation for us to build on.

Even with the advent of online ordering and e-readers, there is nothing like browsing the shelves of a bookshop: flipping through books, encountering unfamiliar authors & titles, sharing recommendations, and meeting with friends.

We believe that a vibrant independent bookshop is a cornerstone  of a thriving city like Durham, especially in these tumultuous times.

In addition to our investment, this sustainability fund is to ensure the Regulator remains on Ninth St. and helps to expand the mission of the store. The fund will also help cover upgrades to the store itself. Specifically:

  • Upgrade/ purchase inventory & point of sale system
  • Upgrade fixtures, signage, and wallspace
  • Remodel front counter and checkout area
  • Renovations to the office, shipping & receiving area
  • Cover fees associated with the purchase
  • Develop new website & stronger online presence

We want to especially emphasize the store’s independence by:

  • Curating the best selection of independent press (the number of which is rapidly growing) titles, books in translation, university press titles, black & cultural studies (in addition to always carrying the bestsellers).
  • Ensuring that our book selection, in particular in our children and young adult sections, is more reflective of Durham’s vibrant community.
  • Increasing our selection of Spanish language books.

In other words, a place to come to find literary, cultural, political & local gems that get overlooked by the media & mainstream bookstores.

Additionally, we hope to develop a community literacy outreach program in cooperation with existing organizations and set up an annual literary festival.

If you share this vision please contribute to our Regulator Sustainability Fund. As a token of our gratitude we have set up a ‘perks’ list matching the amount you feel comfortable giving.

If you cannot donate but still want to contribute please help us spread the word by sharing this page on social media, emailing your friends, or just telling someone about it! Thanks.